40from40 (Chandler Pierce) is one of the newest Hip Hop sensations to emerge from the Bronx New York. 40 prides himself on his knack for versatility as well as his ability  “dance on different types of instrumentals” as he describes himself in his own words. His knack for delivering a witty level of wordplay has separated him from many of his contemporaries. The relate-able nature of his music has led to easy consumption by his supporters, and intrigue amongst new fans. Trial and tribulations of his past are a major theme in his music, and 40 has exemplified purpose for his releases as the therapeutic element is there.  Notable tracks such as “Not Fair” “1Night” & “Trapping Everywhere” have become popular and heightened the anticipation of his full project release. His work with various artists such as JAYOHH23, StarTheStar, and MellThePlug has afforded him the opportunity to perform throughout the tri-state at renowned venues the likes of Gravity Lounge, C Lounge, as well as his headlining appearance at the NYC vs 914 showcase. Each of these unique performance slots allowed 40 to showcase his distinct style, which he would describe as somewhere between “Trapper and Rapper”. Check out 40s new project, The Last 4 below:





Listen Here:



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