When you have a genre of music that is so diverse and influential as Hip-Hop, you are going to have an infinite number of milestones and breakthroughs. Granted they may not happen everyday but, with the movement already spanning 44 years the coincidence that it could happen isn’t far-fetched. Take today for example, It’s July 20th. Kool G Rap and DJ Screw were both born on this day three years apart. Shout out to these legends in Hip-Hop.

In bringing you the lifestyle and culture of Hip-Hop, we are back at you with #ThrowbackThursdays where each week we take a look at album releases from Hip-Hop’s heyday that further cultivated this musical revolution. TenthLetterMedia and Straight Official Magazine thank you for rockin with us and make sure you like, share and comment below!! #GetSOM #DueSeason #LEGGO

July 17th 1990: BDP Releases Edutainment

Legends of South Bronx and in Hip-Hop, Boogie Down Productions would bless us again with their fourth studio album under Jive/RCA Records. Though skit-heavy, the project fails to disappoint as both KRS-One and D-Nice would handle all production of the EP alongside Pal Joey. Edutainment would peak in the Top 10 on Billboard R&B/Hip-Hop charts and secure gold status months later. “Ya Know The Rules” was one of the lead singles that the album’s known for, but “Beef” was a personal favorite as KRS-One’s lyrical technique was on full display!

July 19th 1994: MC Eiht Releases We Come Strapped

The West Coast rode with Hip-Hop unlike any other region. Making his debut on the scene, MC Eiht would stake his claim in the culture with his first project under Epic Street. Tony Smalls kept good company as the album featured Compton’s Most Wanted and production by both Eiht, DJ Slip and Master Ric Roc. The timing of his release couldn’t be better as it came in the height of a beef with DJ Quik, which he made mention on “ Death Wish III.” Many would say that his debut album was his most successful, and they would be right as the project landed at #1 on Billboard Top R&B/Hip-Hop and #5 on Top Billboard 200 charts. Now that’s how you make an entrance!

July 20th 1993: Cypress Hill Releases Black Sunday

Two years removed from their self-titled debut, the quartet of B-Real, DJ Muggs, Sen Dog and Mellow Man Ace would provide their sophomore effort under Ruffhouse Records and Columbia Records. With production by Muggs and T-Ray, the album wouldn’t show any signs of a “sophomore jinx” as hit singles like “Insane in the Membrane” and “Lick a Shot” would shoot the album to heights higher than their marijuana clouds could ever climb. Not only would it debut at #1 on Top Billboard 200 with over 250K sold in a week, the album hit a milestone with Soundscan that at the time, was not met by any other rap group. The result of their second at-bat? Triple platinum status and a permanent staple in the fabric of Hip-Hop for the Latino community.

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