What is your name and where are you from?. Blak Luck aka Luchyano aka Jimmie Mac straight from the whole East Coast (New York, New Jersey, D.C., Baltimore).

Can you give us a run down of what you have done so far in the entertainment business? Been on over 25+ official dj mixtapes , shade 45 , foxxhole radio, hosted from my hood 2 your hood pt 20, dropped 6 mixtape solo albums independently…

What was it like the first time getting on a stage? Don’t really remember but remember my first time being on the Mic at neighborhood pool party back n 1998 freestylin n ended up battling an older nigga in front of the whole hood..

Instagram @BLAKLUCK

YouTube – Blak Luck

Twitter @ItsLuchyBaby

Google – Blak Luck

What do you want to accomplish before the year closes out? Dropping my project and going on tour.

Do you have any shoutouts? Shouts 2 all the djs that play my shit and everybody in the struggle.

Can you tell us 3 hiphop artists that influenced your original creativity? Hard to say but definitely the ones before me who put me on game was Mobb Deep, Biggie and Redman!! But the west and south were and still in rotation but these were who I could relate too the most.


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