TenthLetterMedia and Straight Official Magazine send our prayers and support to the city of Houston during this tumultuous and tragic time. With all of us either having family, friends and colleagues there we cannot begin to fathom what you are going through. The support of the nation during this disaster will show and prove the resolve and humanity that rest within all of us. May God bless and keep the city of Houston!!

Once again we are one day closer to Labor Day weekend and we’re on our #ThrowbackThursday grind where we dig in the crates to spotlight album releases from Hip-Hop’s heyday. This week we take a look at three acts that should have coined the phrase “strength in numbers.” Be sure to like, comment on and share this read and check with us every Thursday as we bring you the lifestyle and culture of Hip-Hop!! #PrayersForHouston #GetSOM #DueSeason #LEGGO

August 29th 1995: Junior M.A.F.I.A. Releases Conspiracy

Towards the end of the summer of ‘95, Hip-Hop was the land of opportunity in terms of debuts. The Masters At Finding Intelligent Attitudes would break onto the scene with mentorship from one of the best in the game in The Notorious B.I.G. The group would release their first project under Undeas/Big Beat Records and production would feature Special Ed, Clark Kent and B.I.G. himself as he composed several songs on the album. The first-up to bat for the group would prove to be the home run for Lil’ Kim as it was the launch pad for her career. Iconic singles such as “Get Money” and “ Player’s Anthem” would propel the album to Top 10 spots on Billboard Hot 200 and Top R&B/Hip-Hop album charts before reaching gold status. It’s one of the few classic albums that are no longer in print.

August 30th 1994: UGK Releases Super Tight

The Underground Kingz would step back into the booth in late august with their sophomore effort under Jive Records. Pimp C & Bun B would give us over 50 minutes of that dope, Southern Hip-Hop that was too hard for some to swallow from their 1st project two years prior. With production spearheaded by Pimp C and DJ DMD, the sophomore jinx would miss the H-Town legends as the album would peak at #9 on Billboard Top R&B/Hip-Hop charts. One of my favorite singles from the album is “Front, Back & Side to Side.” The samples of Boyz N The Hood remix and “Rigor Mortis” from The Meters was ahead of it’s time! Coupled with the lyrical spit of both Pimp and Bun, this album was a jewel from their dynamic catalog.

August 29th 2006: The Roots Release Game Theory

One constant that remains in Hip-Hop is that you can never expect to excel without evolution. The collective known as The Roots would bless us with their 7th studio album in late August of ‘06 under a new label in Def Jam Records, as well as a new sound and direction. Production on the album would feature J Dilla, The Randy Watson Experience and The Roots themselves as their experimental nature would see the group use GarageBand to record the project. Lead singles such as “Don’t Feel Right” would not only provide a metaphorical feeling for fans, but would also garner a #9 debut spot on Billboard 200 charts. With over 200k in copies sold in the U.S. as well as a Grammy nod for Best Rap Album, it’s safe to say that change is good!

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