SUPER HEROES, are they real or fictional? Well to the defense, SUPER HEROES are real based on our personal beliefs and imagination. From the history of Power Rangers, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and the Marvel Comics days, SUPER HEROES ARE STILL TAKEN OVER. During the times of Ferguson, and Police killings within the past years alot of super hereos revailed themselves to the world. This article is a sure addition to the fight to justice for the unjustly performed crimes on the citizens of any race.

BO DEAN TEAMED UP WITH BeastUp Films and UPCOMING ACTORS AND ACTRESSES WITHIN THE BOARDERS OF ST. LOUIS, MO, to create a amazing masterpiece. This work of art is the official kick off to yet another dope visual  for his highly respected song [TGIB] This visual is one of the many ideas based off of BO DEAN unique imagination. Very polictical and educational, THANK IM BLACK (Black-Man & Super Sister Episode1) The Movie has taken over the social media world strongly.

Being a personal fan of his, I am so proud to see that all his hard work is panning out for him. Check out the movie here first below. #getpreciousonem

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