[NEWS] “Suge Knight” Hires New Attorney to Represent Him

Former rap tycoon Marion “Suge” Knight hired a new attorney Monday to represent him against accusations that he criminally threatened the man who directed “Straight Outta Compton.”

Knight’s decision to hire criminal defense attorney Dominique E. Baños to replace Matthew Fletcher — who also briefly represented Knight in his ongoing murder case — cleared up a potential conflict of interest in the criminal threats case.Last month, prosecutors filed a motion saying they’d gathered evidence of possible witness tampering, bribery and obstruction of justice by Fletcher in the murder case and asked the court to conduct an independent inquiry into whether his representing Knight in the threats case was a conflict of interest.

According to the motion filed by prosecutors, Fletcher had conversations with Knight and two others that showed the group understood “they were going to assist the defendant in procuring witnesses for his defense, which included payments for fabricated testimony.” Fletcher denied wrongdoing at the time, telling The Times that prosecutors had taken his words out of context.

Hip Hop of that era has been on trial for Twenty years this is the last Cowboy standing . Life in prison looks to be his fate ; Now cooperate gangters do the same and worse and spend not a day in prison. Suge is still innocent until proven guilty .



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