[RADIO] “The Yodo Show” taking over your airwaves

Thousands of people tune into Urban radio station WCCG 104.5  every weekday to hear one of the hottest radio shows killing the airwaves called “THE YODO SHOW”.  Antoine Hill also known as “Yodo” born in California but raised in Raeford NC, has kicked the door wide open in the broadcasting world by having the number one afternoon show at an urban radio station in Fayetteville NC. Much of his success can be contributed to his loyal listeners and his funny, smart witty comments that bring laughter to people all over the city. Standing over 6 ft tall, slim and always having his own fashionable style, Yodo has made such a substantial impact in the radio community within this past year. Taking a break from being an on air-personality, great father, party host and social guru in the community, I was able to sit down for an exclusive interview with him.

JC Live: It’s so hard for many people to get into the broadcasting field, how did you get your opportunity to become a radio host?

Yodo: My homie Big Leem hit me in the inbox one day and said are you interested in doing radio? I said Yup..and here we are. If it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t be where I’m at right now.

JC Live: You have been doing radio now since March of this year, so what is one of the craziest experiences you have had so far?

Yodo: We had a concert come in town and I had to interview about 9 artists in 2 hours. It was definitely crazy, but fun at the same time.

JC Live: So in this entertainment world people love to assume things. What is the biggest misconception you feel people have of you?

Yodo: That I have alot of groupies. Ain’t no groupies around here. I ain’t that known. I’m still bae-less.

JC Live: You being an artist yourself coming to the other side of being in radio and able to see both sides of things, what are your thoughts towards that state of music right now?

Yodo: If your music don’t jam in the strip club, you ain’t winning.  But, the artists who make it to big mainstream outlets also win too. The music field is still as broad as it has always been, there’s just more to select from now.

JC Live: Have any advice for Independent artist out there trying to get their record played on radio?

Yodo: SHOW. LOVE. TO. THE. DJS. They are who makes and breaks you.

JC Live: Have any new things that are in the works that people need to look out for? (Projects you are working on)

Yodo: Working on the album entitled “Normal” from me and my guy 3D Straw, with the group called “#Wreguhlur” and yes the hashtag is apart of the name.


You can check out The Yodo Show weekdays from 3pm to 7pm on WCCG 104.5. If you also looking to contact Yodo for questions or booking you can email him at

Make sure to follow him on social media:

Yodo_dodo on Snapchat

Antoine Yodo Hill on Facebook

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Article by Jelia JC Live Coleman








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