Get Hip W/ Dj Mos Precious - B Bandz is The New Fresh Prince of Chicago?

RECENTLY, I got to catch up with the young and new fresh prince of the Chicago. He goes by the name of B.Bandz. His church going background helped motivate his journey to become a young rapper. As a young child, B.Bandz actively participated in his grandparent’s church and found his likings in songwriting. Surely not the common making of a star story, but sets him career apart from the other wave of young artists.

As a young talent, he wrote lyrics that were uplifting and strayed away from profanity. He happily expressed that, he still does not use profanity in his lyrics to this day. He embraced being the voice of the youth, as his dad and him transition his gospel lyrics to be more suitable for the world of music.

As a DJ, I love hearing that because that makes it easier to add his music to radio and other clean music exposure outlets.

This talented young 17 years old introduced himself has fresh and cocky. As we all should expect B.Bandz style is made to impress. As he mentioned during our interview, he titled himself the Fresh Prince because of his style and what he talks about in his song. Which explains the reasoning for the release of his new single “Fresh”. Fresh has caught the likings of Russell Simmons distribution company and currently is being played on all major radio and music stores worldwide.

I was amazed to hear that before embarking on his musical journey, he was a dancer.  This attribute surely will set him apart from is musical counterparts. He is made for the grind and has the determination to be huge. He expressed that his goal is to become the next big superstar in the next five years. He was happy to express that his dad, Miltickit a five time grammy winner is his motivation.

As he completes is tour run with Jermaine Dupri’s Rap Game Tour, B.Bandz continues to strive for higher heights and create music that is 100% profanity free.

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Check out “Fresh” officially below!

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