Deaunte Bell Family Seeks Answers


On October 29th, 2015, Deaunte Bell was shot by Columbus police officers, While sitting in a friends car, at the Amberly square apartment complex. CPD citing only “suspicious behavior” as the probable cause, leaving the family, and general public with nothing but Vague detail.  His sister (Jodeci), stated Deaunte was a kind young man, who’s voice is used as a motivational tool, to inspire others, through the Maryhaven program. The family has acquired an attorney, and they are now seeking legal justification, Bell’s family feels that he was racially profiled and ultimately lost his life because of it. The Officers has stated that this was not a traffic stop, but Deaunta Bell and two other’s who where in the car had been lawfully parked was approached by law enforcement while they we’re simply sitting in the car. So bottom line is that the officers had no reasonable cause to approach the occupied vehicle because no one was breaking any laws and no one at the time had been arrested and charged with anything.

On May 11, 2016, it was reported in the Columbus Dispatch that a Franklin County Grand Jury had cleared Officers Narewski and Baas in the death of Deaunte Bell. Franklin County Prosecutor Ron O’Brien informed the Dispatch that the officers tried to talk with Bell, who was in the back seat, but Bell refused to comply with an order to put his hands up. He said that Bell struggled with Narewski and reached for a gun in his pocket.

Bell was shot six times, including a gunshot wound to the head that was listed on the Franklin County Coroner’s Report as the cause of death. The family of Deaunte Bell has retained Attorneys Cooper, Walton and Brown to ensure that the officers involved in his death are held accountable for any violations of his civil rights.

“Based on our preliminary review of the investigation into this shooting by the Columbus Division of Police, we have not only serious questions about the impartiality of the investigation led by the Columbus Police, but questions about the countless numbers of citizen complaints and use of force incidents involving these two officers. Not only does it appear that the investigation into these two troubled officers lacked sincerity, but the discrepancies in witness accounts of the shooting and what was actually included in the investigative packet and what was presented to the grand jury is of huge concern.” – Attorney Sean L. Walton




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