One time for my ladies! One time for my Haitian Queens! Have you ever had the opportunity to place greatness all in one person. Listen I’m telling you I have found the answer to our prayers ladies. Had the chance to speak with the lovely R&B/Rapper Artist Rachel!  This women not only tickled my song but she touched my soul as well as my ears.

Born in Ft. Lauderdale, FL but currently resides in Lakeland Fl. The artist has been singing all her life, her favorite artists include but not limited to Beyoncé, Fantasia , and Tupac. Being that she was raised in a Haitian home where parents work to multiple jobs to make sure the family was in perfect condition and not really able to go about as pleased she found her outlet and used her voice to speak her truths. As a child she would sing aloud on her school bus already having the talent to be in crowds. She reminisced on a moment where her brother had supposedly met LA Reid’s cousin thru his job and from him bragging about his sisters voice and she recorded her first song! Talk about a amazing journey. Her mixtape was name : The Chronicles Part 1, where it was all rap. Ra’chel writes her own music and is actually against other’s writing for her but it didn’t start off that way but once she learned to get things out on paper her way you cant tell her nothing.

Not only is she dedicated to the music , she has lost a total of 100lbs and counting so make sure you all check out her Instagram and support the movement! Her dream is to sign with Atlantic Records. Her most recent album “Its My Time” released March 2017 with songs like “Save No N***A” and I’m Tired. Even when she is 68 years old she plans on singing and writing and that is what you call dedication to your dream! Make sure all check her out because mark my words we will definitely be seeing more of this artist and like I said follow her weight loss story as well!






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