Originally Published on June 5th, 2017

Diversity is key not only in life but within the realm of Hip-Hop. The Circle City is no stranger to this statement as the scene here is abundant with talented artists who are staking claim in the movement.


In my travels across the back routes of Nap, I was able to sit down with an artist that has been making serious noise over the past few weeks with the release of his new music video. HARLEM INDYNOIS is an MC by way of Chi-Town who is working to establish change in the genre. The independent artist and I chopped it up about his moves in the industry as well as the current state of affairs regarding Hip-Hop in Indy.

Harlem stressed wanting to be the catalyst for change in Hip-Hop. “My goal as far as music is to create a positive change in the world around me with the skill that God has given me.” The passion is evident in his music as he tends to speak more on critical issues within society, more so than what we are used to hearing from everyday artists.


We talked about his upcoming album titled Stereotypical and the reviews that his single “Educated” is generating. He couldn’t hold back his enthusiasm about the album, and is soaking up the praise for the new video that compliments the song. “It’s about being educated past the school curriculum that we are taught. In school you’re taught if you can recite info that’s given then you’re intelligent and we should be teaching the youth to find out for themselves the truth about the world around them and be educated.”


We shifted gears to the landscape of Hip-Hop here in Indy and agreed that investment is key in growing in the industry as well as how you present your craft. “Learning your craft as a whole and realizing the “game” that’s out here is always beneficial. Not relying on others to get it done for you and being self-sufficient.”


Harlem Indynois is an artist that will no doubt be Naptown’s Next to raise the flag higher for Indy. You can check out the rest of our interview down below by clicking the link and be sure to check out Stereotypical when it drops and check out the video for “Educated” right here in Straight Official Magazine!

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