Man Accused Of Hiding Milwaukee Woman Body


27-year-old Nakiela Thompson body was located near a semi-trailer at the “Road Ranger” truck stop in South Beloit near the Wisconsin, Illinois border on Nov 1st. Authorities arrested a 50-year-old man Friday on suspicion of hiding a corpse, which he is scheduled to appear in court on Monday at 3 PM. The suspect told police that he did not kill Nakiela Thompson, but he admitted to moving her body to the truck stop where she was found.

Marco Rodriguez also told detectives that Nakiela Thompson died at an address located on Huebbe Parkway in Beloit. Authorities also state that they have been contacted and advised of the location where Nakiela Thompson possibly died at. Detectives have obtained and executed a search warrant for the address, authorities have yet to disclose if they found anything during the search.


Marco Rodriguez
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