[Fashion] BIGSEXZ4REAL Invades Chicago!!!!

I Had a chance to meet the wonderful Plus Size Model and creator, who goes by the name Bigsexz, omg she is killing the game. Bigsexz is not only beautiful but very down to earth, her brand is really on point. Couple weeks back she visited my hometown Chicago all the way from Detroit. She had a meet & greet @addictionsluxe 130 Madison St. Oak Park, Il after Bigsexz came in for an interview on Plus Size Pretty Radio which airs every Friday, from 8-10pm on Hosted By Nieisha Bibbs, life was spoke that night and I just know every woman should lend an ear and listen to what she has to say.

Kalif Johnson also was known as Bigsexz was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan. BIGSEXZ4REAL earned the name Bigsexz because she is super curvy and always keeps it sexy. Bigsexz started her modeling career in 2015. Debuting in the “Ashley Stewart love your curves tour.” Following her runway experience, she went to do local Detroit fashion shows such as Walk, Dream, Curv Bella, and Stylez. Through these opportunities, she was endorsed to be the modeling face for Curv Bella then and Fashionn Junkiee.

A few months later, Bigsexz started two internet blog shows, “Statuesque” focusing on curvy girl conversation. and “Bigsexz from the D” where she interviewed local and visiting artist. But she didn’t stop there. She soon opened her photography company “Bigsexz Imagez” She wanted to learn both sides of the production not just the stage as a model but, behind the scenes. This leads her into her latest project the “Bigsexz from the D calendar” which showcases local designers and models. Then in 2017, she had the opportunity to be a judge in the ” Finding Ashley Stewart 2017 ” tour when Ashley Stewart came back to Detroit.  Through her journey she charmed and encouraged the plus size community, to be beautiful and love yourself, no matter what point you are in your life or what size you are!



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The author TREY GEE

“Trey Gee” was brought into this world May 6, 1987 in Chicago IL. At an early age, Trey Gee displayed his love for music. As a child, he would walk around with a fresh pair of drumsticks in his hands and would bang on his mother’s pots and pans trying to create that perfect sound. While attending Lincoln Park High School, he led the percussion section in the school’s marching band and he marched with Drum Corp International with the Racine, Wisconsin scouts for three years. Gee is no stranger to hard work. During the summer months, he would travel all over the country performing in intense competitions. He also served as Drum Tech for “The Marching Broncos” of Kenwood Academy High School, which is located on the South Side of Chicago. In addition, he attends Full Sail University and is looking forward to graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Music Production. Trey Gee decided to step out on faith and follow his calling to Manage and Executive Produce. He stepped back from Music Production to gain more knowledge about the Music Business and Artist Development. He has done exceptionally well dealing with these aspects of entertainment. In 2008, he started a company, formally known as 380 Squad Entertainment LLC. 380 Squad was long overdue for a much needed image overhaul. That’s when Yung Black Executives Media Group (YBEMG) was born. Gee wanted to develop a Management company that was geared toward positive images of young African- Americans in positions of power. Trey Gee is also the Co-Founder & CEO of BandNation. In June 2015, BandNation launched BandNation Radio, powered by Urban Broadcast Media. Trey Gee is a talented Producer/Arranger that is inspired by great producers such as; Mike Will Made It, Stevie J, Troy Taylor, Patrick “GuitarBoy” Hayes, and Brian Cox. He loves all types of music, but is particularly fond of Gospel, Hip-Hop, Neo-Soul, and R&B, just to name a few. Some of his musical mentors include; Bobby Bonslater, Lise Gilly, Larry Polowski, Sylvester Harper, and Steven Lambert who emphasized the importance of being able to read music and not just playing sounds. Trey Gee is forever grateful to his family for recognizing his gift and supporting him on his journey to becoming a successful Music Mogul. His goal is to help Chicago become a music power house. 2015 He Joined 3 Coalitions Fleet Dj’s, Mixtape Murderers DJ’s, Coast 2 Coast Djs. Also He Serves as an A&R for Record Union. Trey Gee is a firm believer of Proverbs 18:16 – A man’s gift makes room for him and brings him before the great.

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