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In 2018 I will be five years vested in my journey as a writer. Within that time frame, I have covered and reported Hip-Hop moments of both national and native artists of Indianapolis. The opportunity to interview some of my favorite MC’s in the game was a rewarding experience but, there is another aspect of this industry that has always intrigued me. As a former MC myself, it’s inspiring to get those one-on-one’s with an artist who’s in their element and is from the Circle City.


The landscape of Hip-Hop in Naptown was always written off as just a weekend thing devised by a talented few down at Midtown Music back in the day. N.A.P. was our Run DMC, and Midtown would serve as our version of Def Jam Records. As time passed and the genre itself evolved, so did we as both artists and DJ’s began to take the city up on their shoulders.

Years would pass and Hip-Hop would become a business as well as a movement. So now I’m seeing artists like Taz from Stuntman Entertainment and Omega from Classic Ent. begin to evolve into entrepreneurs from entertainers. The message is clear now with artists like Mark Battles and Freddie Gibbs reaching mainstream that there could be more than just corn in Indiana. Legendary DJs like DJ King, DJ Gus, & DJ Paul Bunyon kept us flooded with the best mixes of Hip-Hop. The industry itself began to wake up to the Nappy City as major acts began to make their way here for visits.


All that fanfare and glory aside, the elephant in the room still looms. The percentage of successful artists from Indy could be increased tenfold if a certain level of hate is removed from the equation(roughly all of it). In my convos with artists ranging from Trajik, Zachary Le’on, T. Harris & Chucky Workclothes the consensus is still the same. The “crab in the barrel” mentality has crippled us and we should be WAY more advanced in the industry.

It’s interviews with artists like Roj Mahal & Harlem Indynois that prove the versatility thrives alongside talent here in Indy. Variety being the spice of life, the genre is also influenced by female MC’s like GI Jane, Lady K and countless others. To see the mantra of strength in numbers mean something for the culture here in Nap is amazing!


The state of the Hip-Hop union in Indy is alive and requires continuous care. Shouts out to everyone from the Circle City who act as cultivators to the movement. We look forward to working alongside you in furthering a 40-year institution of music and creativity. God bless and salute!!

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