Originally Published on March 23, 2017

Hip-Hop serves as one of the most influential genres of music to date. Backed by its most essential elements (DJing, MCing, dance and graffiti) this movement has flourished and grown to unbelievable heights. During its tenure, Hip-Hop has always been a shoebox for the artist to present their vision and views of the world.


In my continued voyage to shine the light on the Circle City’s finest, I found myself in Mahal Studios, one of the breeding grounds of Naptown’s most enlightened group. Flanked by Zachary Le’on (tribe leader), Roj Mahal (high priest) and Dameeon (the chemist) of The Village, the energy in the room is electric. The release of Zachary Le’on’s newest project Muddy Hands of a Sinner is the hot topic and we got the opportunity to chop it up about what to expect from this project and The Village as a collective unit.


Q: Tell us more about The Village and what it’s all about.


Zachary Le’on: While we are still fairly new, we have been working to give truth back to the community. We embody all aspects of creativity and art and while putting out the music, we specialize in the business of our community.


Q: While there are 3 of you here, The Village is ten people altogether. How do you all co-exist as one entity?


Le’on: It’s all about the wavelength. When we come together, that one wave of energy is what we have perfected in our short time. Most groups here in the city haven’t gotten that down pact.


Q: Getting back to Hip-Hop’s roots, I dig it! The album was released today but you’re having your official release party on March 25th. Tell us more about MHOAS.

Le’on: The release party is on March 25th and MHOAS is a nine-month project that chronicles my story of being an artist here in Indy. I’m a storyteller artist and even if at times it’s not necessarily my story, I tend to tell stories that embody my environment. The album release party will feature Indy’s hottest artists performing as well.


Q: What singles can we look forward to coming off MHOAS?


Le’on: We have the single “Westside” that’s available now for stream on Soundcloud as well as a visual compliment to the single. Another single titled “Midnight Boogie” is also available for stream and be on the lookout for a nice visual for that one as well.


Muddy Hands of a Sinner is available now through iTunes, Spotify and Google Play. Check out the visual for “Westside” below and stay tuned to The Village for more audio and visual delights.

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