I had the opportunity of speaking with the owner of SOM to ask a few questions about who they are and what they are up to and found out some great information from owner DJ Nia Boom. Find out what she had to say!


Ms. Wells: Thank you for taking the time out to speak with me today! Let’s jump right into this. What does SOM stand for and how long has it been up and operating?


DJ Nia Boom: SOM stands for Straight Official Magazine.  We are a digital magazine dedicated to celebrating the lifestyle and culture of Hip-Hop.  The magazine was established in 2013 but as of July 2016 has undergone a revamp. The site and content have been updated and we are continuing to evolve!


Ms. Wells: So you guys have been in the game for a while. What is the mission of the magazine? What type of message do you want it to provide to your readers?


DJ Nia Boom: Our mission is to provide a platform that informs, entertains, educates, and inspires. We want our readers to be able to not only enjoy our efforts but feel supported by them as well.  We aim to support indie and major artists alike, merchants and independent resources. We encourage our users to engage with our unique stories and join in the discussions that affect our communities.


Ms. Wells:  So SOM is deeper than just a musical platform.  It is one that truly breaks down to provide readers a place that they can learn, interact, and become a part of.  You show that in the diversity that you use with your writers and staff.  What drew you to their uniqueness and what are some of the areas that your team is located in?


DJ Nia Boom: We have a very diverse team.  Our writers and staff are from all over the country and posses diverse skill sets which is a plus for our content as we are able to cover stories you won’t see in other publications. From Houston to Ohio, New York to Atlanta, Tennessee to Florida and even Chitown…..our writers provide a variety of content that will no doubt keep you entertained.


Ms. Wells: It’s dope that the publication has been able to create a platform that covers what’s going on around the world.  It is definitely the 2018 version of The Source Magazine.  You’ve tapped into a virtual way to connect people to help educated and create a dialog about what is going on our around us. Thank you for taking a little time out to answer a few questions for me to help the reader better understand Just Who SOM Is.

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