DJ Jay Erica Intro: Firstly, thank you, Black Stax, for sitting down with me to discuss your music career. It was great speaking with you both previously on my radio show ‘DJ Jay Erica Takeover Hour’. You’ve have had so much progress since our last conversation. I want to ask you both a few questions regarding your career as a music group along with discussing your most recent work.

Jace ECAj (Black Stax): Yes, thank you.

Felicia Loud ( Black Stax): Thank you, DJ Jay Erica!

Q: You’re welcome. I am aware you are both currently based in Seattle as a group. However, can you tell the viewers where you are originally from?

Jace ECAj: Well, yes actually I’m a Seattle native born in Seattle. However, I was raised in between both Seattle along with Richmond, California. I frequently lived in Richmond during the summers growing up.

Felicia Loud: I’m originally from Dallas, Tx; I was born there. However, I consider myself a native of Seattle being raised in Seattle, Washington. I moved to Seattle when I was 4.

Q: When did you find interest in becoming entertainers & musicians?

Jace ECAj: I found interest in becoming an artist at the age of 11.  I originally started off as a lyricist writing spoken word and poetry; following behind my grandmother who was a well know legendary spoken word artist herself. I started taking myself seriously as a hip-hop artist & lyricist at age 16 and never stopped.

Felicia Loud: Myself I started off in entertainment industry performing at the age of 14 in the theater. Then I began song-writing in my early 20’s. I truly started to blossom during that period of my life writing music and singing; taking things seriously as an artist.

Q: How and when did your group come together?

Jace ECAj: Our group Black Stax formed in 2009; our group is the combination of my original group Silent Lambs & the well-known talented artist Felicia Loud. We collaborated our signature music styles to create one sound. We are a group that mixes many different genres such as hip hop, neo soul, jazz, RnB, & even Carribean sounds such a reggae. We’re truly undefined no words can fully describe our sound you have to listen and feel it to really understand what we bring musically.

Felicia Loud: Our first official single ‘I Love My Life’ was released in 2010 after a year of recording our first album ‘Talking Buildings’ which was also released the same year.

Jace ECAj: We just have had a mutual respect for each other from the beginning as not only musicians and creators but just as men and women. Which made the process of creating music together that much easier.

Q: Well that’s wonderful to see and hear. You guys have been making new music correct? Let’s talk about your new single ‘The Hope Dealer’ which is your first single released this year from your upcoming album. Tell me how did that song come together?

Felicia Loud: This record came together during our studio session with music producer Ezy Beatz. We truly wanted to get across a serious message that would touch the people in our own signature music style and Ezy Beatz understood our vision completely. We just flowed back and forth with our producer. I truly enjoy this record because  Ezy Beatz instrumental matches perfectly to the lyrics and vision of the song in which we are now presenting. 

Jace ECAj: I agree our main goal with this record ‘The Hope Dealer’ is to push a positive message and give our listener inspiration from this track.

Q: When will your new album be released and what’s next for Black Stax as a group for 2018?

Jace ECAj: Our new album “ILL- US- TRAIT” Live (West Coast Edition) is scheduled for release March 29. We will be dropping a new single-end month as well Jan. 30 from the album.

Felicia Loud: Yes and along with that we are planning our tour for the late spring Black Stax “ILL-US-TRAIT” Tour (East Coast) for all tour dates and location go to our website; Also for more info & to support follow us on Instagram @black_stax

Q: Great, last question who are your musical influences? Just go through your list with no explanation.

Jace ECAj: Otis Redding, Sela Kuti, Stevie Wonder, Jimi Hendricks, Early 90’s Hip Hop & Classic Blues music.

Felicia Loud: Marvin Gaye, Billy Holiday, Mavis Staples, Nina Simone, & Al Green.

DJ Jay Erica closing: Love it! Thank you!

Black Stax: Thank you!

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