Eye Color: Dark brown
Hair: Black
Height: 5’4”
Bust: 32

What would you rate yourself from 1-10? 7

Tell everyone your name and where you’re from: My name is Brionni aka Twixx and I’m from the Greensboro are in NC.

How long have you been modeling? I’ve been modeling about 9 years now.

How did you start modeling? It all started with one random photoshoot.

What are you doing with yourself besides modeling?
I work mainly as well as some side hustles like hair.

What would you say is your best feature and why? My legs lol. They are long and toned they go for days. Either that or my lips, I’ve been told they are perfectly shaped.

What do you do for fun besides modeling?
Basic stuff, hang out with friends, club bars, light traveling.

Do you like sports? If so, who is your favorite sports figure?

What is playing in your (iPod, iPhone, Android, music device)/Favorite song (currently)?
G-eazy or Chris Brown.

What’s the craziest pick up line you’ve heard from guys trying to get your attention?
Sheesh I block those out I don’t even remember.

How do you get into character for a photoshoot?
It’s usually depends on the vibe of the photographer.

What’s your favorite accomplishment in modeling so far?
My magazine and website features.

What would you say is your ultimate turn on? I don’t have an “Ultimate” I have a thing for eyes, tall men, dreads neat ones, and a smooth voice to name a few.

Who’s your favorite photographer(s)?
Marcel Anthony!!! That’s my friend we understand each other vibe we’ll have a great connection and love!! Always come up with dope shoots.

What’s something that most people would be surprised to find out when they actually meet you? That I model lol.

How can people get in contact with you? IG: @twixx.goddess

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