The Beauty Brew and The She Beast

Author, Recording artist , Entrepreneur , Shayla McReynolds doesn’t keep boundaries when its comes to success. The Akron, Ohio native have been pushing the limits on her brands starting with her energy drink brand amazingly titled “Beauty Brew Elixers”. I was granted the opportunity to have a conversation with the super busy entreprenuer to talk about her company and future branding.
KR. What inspired you to start your own energy drink company ?
EE. I was working an 8-5 job and then a second job at night & losing energy by the end of the day. I was also missing quality time with my two daughters. I wanted to find a way to increase mine and others energy, be my own boss, and spend more time with my kids. I started by creating the Beauty Brew Energy Elixirs so that women could carry around a luxurious pink drink that reminded them to follow their dreams and showcase their inner beauty all while getting energy. My second installment, the CEO Energy Elixir, was created to pay homage to the idea that anyone can be the entrepreneur of their life and set their own rules and standards.
KR. Now I personally know you from the music scene what inspired that transition and how hard was it ?
EE. Well, I’m still doing music because it has always been my passion. I have been in and out of singing groups since I was about 15 years old. I’ve just recently recorded a song with my business partner LaDay Winters on my good friend Aaron Epps, better known as “Ace Boogie” new hip hop jazz album, ‘The Opposite of What’s Hot Now’. Its easy for me to multitask both things because I never want to limit myself or my capabilities when it concerns my goals and aspirations.
KR. Do you plan to return to the music scene ?
EE. I will continue to do music and plan on doing some recording and a few live shows next month. I’m really creative so it’s hard for me to turn that off.
KR. What is your daily “dream routine” ?
EE. I wake up each morning at 6 Am to pray and talk to God before I indulge in any social media or business. Then I make sure to spend some time with my two daughters Queen and Princess, and go over each other’s day. Around 9 a.m I workout by doing Pilates, running on the treadmill, or taking one of my energy drinks with me to my favorite nature trail. I then tend to any business endeavors that I have going on and prepare my daily set of remedies such as my herbal infusions for detoxing purposes for me and others to promote self healing. After I achieve my goals for the day, I relax and enjoy my personal time with my children and my mom, who is a strong influence on my life. We love to make each other laugh, cook wholesome meals, and watch movies.
KR. If you could give advice to upcoming business moguls what would it be ?
EE. To pray and to keep moving forward no matter how they feel, do not be driven by your emotions because the emotional aspect of an individual is not always right. Sometimes you feel sad and discouraged&  just want to mope, give up or lay in bed with the remote, but those are the times when your presence is needed most and you can turn your dreams into reality. Those are the moments when you have to separate fact from feeling and be mindful of the goals that you need to achieve, and the tunnel vision needed to stay focused upon them.
KR. What are the next endeavors you plan to take with your company ?
EE. Right now I am designing an energy drink that is all natural with healing herbs, so people cannot only receive energy but be able to cleanse the body with no unhealthy after effects. I am also writing a book for women that speaks on topics like depression, beauty, growing through the power of prayer, and making a turn around in life when you need change physically, emotionally, and spiritually.
KR. Social media outlets or information how to reach you or purchase your product ?
EE. Contact can be made for business purposes through and my Instagram page which is @Luxenergyelixir.
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