There is a senior in high school making a name for himself on the S.C. music scene. Jarrod Lamont Brailey may the name called in the halls  but once 3 o’clock hits please call him JB from DG. A father of one, young JB is driven to continue to pursue his musical career while trying to balance the pressures of school and father hood.  


How did you get into the music business?

Harvey Dent introduced me to rapping when I was about the age of 12. My first studio session was when I wrote my first song – it’s on SoundCloud still just type in – Jarrod Brailey. LOL

Who are your musical influences?

Definitely NBA YoungBoy, Lil Baby and Kodak Black  – FREE KODACK.

What artist did you listen to growing up?

Artist I grew up listening to Lil Wayne , Jay Z , old Chief Keef , and Boosie. 

What do you think your listeners get out of your music?

I want the listeners to feel the pain,  the struggle. Where I really came from in my life. The streets can relate to my music. 

What were you thinking about when the single “G.A.N.G” was finished and started to make a buzz in the streets?

Already knew that song was the one –  I put my heart into it.

What made you want to get into the music business?

 I had a passion for it as a little jit growing up. There where so many times that  I had wanted to quit but, I went  extra hard and now I’m on my way to greatness. 

How does it feel to be finally getting some recognition of your work?

Shoot great bruh – big facts mane. It’s dope to be getting recognized cause where I’m from – it aint nothing and I’m tryna make something. I forever claim South Carolina till I die. I’m from Hartsville and Bishopville at the same damn time…. lol. Mane I was raised in a family so poor – sometimes I had sleep on floor we couldn’t afford a bed at that time.  I kept praying for a blessing and it came so yea it’s feels Great tho – this what I work for.

What do you hope to accomplish with your music?

I hope to be recognized as the greatest artist to come out of South Carolina.  I hope to make millions, I gotta son to raise – i don’t want him growing up like me and a family to take care of. Then I got my homies who I’m coming up with, I’m breaking bread with them also – I’m a real n****a so u know how that go.

Anything you would like to say to your fans out there?

I wanna thank them for being apart of my life, it’s a blessing to know I have people that believe in me. That’s a big deal to have people who support you in this music business, cause most people where I come from they don’t wanna see you win but I forever keep trucking tho.

How did you get the name JB?

I got name JB because my real name is Jarrod Brailey. So one day Brandon Edwards was like bruh initial it down to JB, plus you know your gang is called Drip Gang  so I put it together – JB from DG.

What major artist you would like to do a song with?

I got to do a song with NBA YoungBoy…. even though bruh like 17 days younger than me; bruh be living the life I’m living and the life I’m tryna live after I make it.

What other artist in your state are out there making noise and you would do a song with?

Artists in my state that making noise … ummmm I’m a have to say JB from DG  sike nah …. Lonnie D .. I think his real name Jalonnie Dinkins, But bruh Good – I like his rap style and bruh got a lil vocals to I’ll like do song with him and Renni Rucci she good also.


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