Dj Spins and Shmacks Is  with round two of the Free Base mixtape series featuring Nappy Boy Wayne. And introducing Q Dub, Jay Mack JE and Vocal G into the mix . Free Base 2 leaves a lasting impression and is fully loaded with a more confident rapper this time around,It Seems The more comfortable she gets, the more expansive her reach will be to win over her listeners. Shmacks seems to tap into her deeper self this go around and lyrically kills it allowing listeners to better understand her and her life story. This mixtape continues to prove her worth as a female rapper and may soon be among the greatest. No doubt Shmacks will dip into the mainstream music industry soon if She keeps releasing this type of Quality Content !  To stay up to date with the latest music and more you can follow Shmacks on Twitter and Instagram @shmacksofficial

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