[MOVIE REVIEW ] Before Anything

Baby! Let me tell you, Birdman came thru with this “Before Anything” movie. Being that Louisana is home for me you know I had to listen and understand how you can grow up in an area that’s really for staying in the streets to this big time Producer/Mogul/ rapper. Now a lot of people have there said so about Bryan but after watching “Before Anything” you get a better understanding of him and his way of thinking. It’s amazing how his story unfolds at such a young age matter of fact at birth because he didn’t have a name for awhile so the only thing they called him was Baby. Now no one is perfect by any means but if you have that family connection like most down south people say if you stay in my neighborhood or grow up with me then we are family and I must say throughout the entire documentary it shows that he was about family! His father was a man of many talents and his mother was a lovely woman, having multiple brothers and sisters and seeing how his father provided I must say to me was a definite A -1 quality story! So thank you Bryan Baby Williams, Job well done! If you haven’t watched it go to apple music and pull it up I promise you it is good.

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