[Web Series] DJ Samore Top 5 w/ @iamkissielee

On episode 53, which is a year and a week into the DJ Samore Top 5 show on the Innovative Black station, DJ Samore counts down the her top 5 records. Her top 5 are based on urban radio bds/radio charts, what’s hot in the streets, and the next record top top the charts! DJ Samore also keep you inform what’s hot in these Atlanta streets. This episode she has Cool Club Recording artist, Kissie Lee, check in with her new single. Check out the episode here.


Follow Kissie Lee online at @iamkissielee while “It Pours” is available now on iTunes, and other digital platforms.

Follow DJ Samore @thisisdjsamore . For more episodes and other content from the Innovative Black Station, visit

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