LeXXah Drew, the Stellar Songwriter

Think of her name as a phrase because that’s exactly what it is. The gift is real, the vocals and lyrics are authentic, the image is whelmed with conviction transcended in the proximity of each and every song she designs on each musical canvas. This has been in the making over the course of her childhood and young adulthood. LeXXah Drew is a true phenomenal Renaissance chick. The female Da Vinci of this time.

This 502 multi-talented young lady is driven by stellar melodic structures, substance & prestige of lyrical content and vocals that carry tunes of beauty and much conviction.

LeXXah Drew, along with songwriting team, the Alexis Wilson Song Factory llc. have been writing and referencing songs, collaborating with a variety of producers all over the country, Phil “Midas” Bohnomme & Jerome Vo of Clique Tracks, Bigg Vic with SoSo Def Records, Elijah “LX” Harvey, childhood friend, Chasen Little, the Extroadinaire Blac tha Produca & Wattz with 2 Aries Productions, Farro Jarro and CEO of Urban Female Entertainment Producer, Mu Legend. And the list doesn’t stop there.

She’s leaving her signature on every track, photoshoot & video and all will know, LeXXah Drew It!

LeXXah Drew, not only a songbird, but a visual artist as well is working on a NEW Comic Book Character/Series called LeXXah Drew, the Young Drew Superhero and the 7th Drew Supreme. The Comic Book character, based off of LeXXah Drew the songwriter and vocalist is exploring a NEW venture that she has always wanted to do and what better way to do it then this!?

LeXXah Drew is not holding back any of her unique gifts. She is using them all and on the road to doing bigger and better things. She is drawing her masterpiece on music tracks and on canvas! Check Out the Voice and lyrics of LeXXah Drew, she can’t be denied!


LeXXah Drew
Songwriter, Vocal Producer, Vocal Arranger, Vocalist
Twitter & Instagram: @LeXXahDrew
Snapchat: @LeXXahDrew1

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