Holli J

[box_dark]What’s your location?[/box_dark]

Detroit, MI aka the Motor City

[box_dark]What made you start modeling?[/box_dark]

Because everyone told me that I would be good at it and that I had a particular look that needed to be seen.

[box_dark]Now as a model, how do you get looked at when you go out?[/box_dark]

I get well taken care of. I always get shown lots of love when I go out. So I must say it has it’s perks and I love  the attention and the love.

[box_dark]What makes you different than any other model? [/box_dark]

This is not the only thing that I want in life, I go to school as well. So I have a plan larger than just taking pictures. So I must say that I am well rounded.

[box_dark]What has been your best memory so far as a model? [/box_dark]

People recognizing me from a video  I did, that made me realize that I was actually doing something. Just being recognized for my hard work, shows that I am on the right path to making my brand being a household name.

[box_dark]What is your ideal man? Would you date a man in the same industry you are in?[/box_dark]

My ideal man is just a guy who has himself established and is on the right track for his future. It all depends on the person, but I rather not date someone in the industry because it comes with to many complications.

[box_dark]What do you have coming up this year? [/box_dark]

I have alot coming up this year. I will be doing alot of music videos as well as attending various parties as well. I will also be appearing in magazines and on various major websites as well. So definitely keep a look out for me.

[box_dark]What do you want to be recognized for as a model? [/box_dark]

I want to be seen and recognized as a model that is a role model for the younger generation. Also I want people to know that I am from Detroit and that we shouldn’t be stereotyped and that every girl is not the same here. I just want people to know that my city is just as important and industry made as the next city.


[box_dark]Any last thoughts?[/box_dark]

Yes, I would like to shout out IBMM & Fleet Models. I would like to just say, follow me on twitter at @therealhollij and keep up with me. **wink**



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