[New Video] Janelle Monáe , Tap into your Inner FeLion!

This is for all my Ladies and Gents as well!!!! I have hit the motherload !! Babyyyy Janelle Monae has hit every inch of my soul with her latest album and videos. Honestly I adore everything that she does but this right here puts her at the top of my list again (not today Hives! lol). If you are one of those females who like to dance in the mirror after a nice hot shower “I like that”, is the song for you. I found myself holding my brush singing and dancing looking at myself knowing that I liked the reflection that was in the mirror watching me act a fool. The video was phenomenal! Her style is out of this world literally. “Screwed with Zoe Kravitz is my go to song as of today! Honestly with this Album “Dirty Computers” it has really gotten me into the mood of wanting to switch things up as for myself and honestly women all over the world. I have been doing alot of research lately wanting to live a healthier lifestyle. Now i am not saying that you have to give up your wings and things or them burgers. but i am saying let’s take the time at work on break to walk around the building for a couple laps. Lets go to the YMCA and get a membership for $30-$50 bucks a month. There are some females which i will name soon that helps you get your yoni together so you can GET Yo Life Honey! Grab a friend and hit pole class. WE are going to switch it up a little. While we are doing that make sure we are also building each other up not only during the spring and summer but all year long. For way too long there has been competition between women and all of that is okay but we are UNITY , we set the tone. I know its saying a lot or putting a lot on us as women but think about it , it’s true! I want all of us to be in bikinis this summer in MIAMI regardless of size and shape as long as we are healthy and uplifting one another. There was a lot of controversy about the song or video that goes along with “ I Like That”, personally by far the best i have seen already if you have seen it then you know exactly what I am talking about but honestly isn’t it aspiring.


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