Let’s talk about a very talented, easy  voice, spitting straight bars today! If you are a radio listener you can catch him on my favorite radio show of course I am talking about the Rickey Smiley show! I had a great opportunity to have not only a interview but a great conversation with “HeadKrack” now i will tell you all his real name but you have to google it (lol). Getting straight to point I must say that my mind was definitely intrigued the entire conversation.


SO: How is the tour going with Eric B, Rakim and other artists? How did it come about?

HK: So far this has been a very smooth , amazing and exciting tour. We was just down in the Carolinas and we actually are going to hit Chicago soon. Crazy story is I asked to be on the tour and of course they had to discuss it amongst themselves but there I was. I was given the chance to go tour by just asking if I could.

SO: Wow that is something advance , not everything happens that way or better yet people make it harder sometimes than it is.Now once again explain to us how the name HeadKrack came along? I do understand it was a game called C-LO but for those of us who were way down south we wasn’t you know hip to this game.

HK: So basically C-Lo is a dice game you roll 3 dice and if you roll a 456 then thats game! It fit me because I always took the chance or in this case played the game of chance and I always got it done. But even before the game it was kind of already in the universe to be made for me, thats how my mother met my father. He rolled a HeadKrack and some other things happened out of his control but to sum it up my mother testified against a man for my father and when that was all said and done he asked her out and there I was birthed.

SO: Okay so you were on Sway in the morning , It was the 5 fingers of death and he hit you with a beat and there you was in your zone, my question is when it comes to music either you are a true artist or a entertainment artist do you feel having the ability to always be ready sets the two apart?

HK: Honestly some people have it and some people don’t. You have some artist who can freestyle well but don’t make good music and you have artists that make good music but can’t freestyle. So I was expecting that to happen with Sway I was thinking you know i’m going to do this interview he was going to ask me about my latest song and that was it. So when he said drop the beat it was one of those things that came automatic to me, I’m guessing the nervousness, not wanting to mess up and the the fact that I can’t fail took over. I can’t even remember what happened in that moment it is one of those things i that i can just do so i do it.

SO:Do you feel that more of the seasoned rappers or olders rappers are becoming more political than usual especially with everything going on?

HK: With age comes wisdom, For example when Jay-z started out he was rapping about one thing and know that he is older what he talks about is not the same. As a artist your music should grow as you grow. If you started off rapping about selling drugs , 10 years later you shouldn’t be rapping about the same thing there is no growth. T.I. is a perfect example of that and he also makes sure that he is teaching and coaching the now and younger generation. David Banner for example started with “Like a Pimp” or  “Play’ and when he came out with “The God Box’, I knew i had to hold him to a higher standard. The Godbox was arguably the best album in 2017.

SO: So you started at 97.9 The Beat, how did the opportunity come about and how did that lead you into The Rickey Smiley Show?

HK:You know I didnt aspire to be on radio it’s just another one of those things that  happen. Me and my boys made a tape and we had already been drinking so the alcohol was talking. We went down to the station and turnt the tape in and they offered us the job and we was thinking it was going to be the overnight shift but it was the prime time shift. When we first started off we were able to do what we wanted to do and play the music even from way back when but of course there management kept switching and i kind of starting to get bored then then the Steve Harvey left the radio which opened up the Rickey Smiley show the opportunity presented itself and i’ve been there since day one.

SO:What’s in your playlist?

HK:Documentaries ( Astral Projections, Out of Body experiences to name a few) , Beats, Mike Tyson podcast,  J.Cole, Flatbush, Cardi B

SO:Anything else that you are doing or that you are planning in the future?

HK: I’m trying to get on my Russell Simmons on new ideas. I want to get a cartoon out and discover new talent, find out the next big thing. My album is almost complete but since the passing of my mother I am going to go back in to do something more special something more heart to heart . It’s a universal feeling when it comes to a lose or coping with one so you can call it support music.

SO:What is the meaning behind “ Don’t chase your dreams, Meet them there?

HK: You have to prepare yourself for your dream or your goal so when it’s your time you are ready for it . Some people have no vision you have to paint the picture for them. I am not going to chase a dream but I will meet it where I want to be.

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