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I know I have been gone for a while, but it was for a good reason, DON’T WORRY!!

For the past five months, I have been furthering my knowledge about skin care and attending Aveda Institute. Now that I have graduated, I decided to do a little dedication piece to their products, which I do unbiasedly love for the most part.

As you all know, or maybe don’t, all natural products stay near and true to my heart. I love creating my own stuff at home, it’s why I went to school in the first place, and although Aveda isn’t 100% natural, their products are close to it, produce results, and leave your skin glowing.

So, if you are looking to make your summer skin pop, add a lil glow, or just give your skin the attention it deserves, keep reading as I go over my top three favorite Aveda products! It also just so happens that together, these products work hand in hand. So feel free to grab all three and add a little pick me up to your at home regimen.

Liquid Exfoliant

My all-time favorite product in general, not just from Aveda, is this liquid exfoliant. Good for all skin types, this liquid exfoliant is gentle enough for sensitive skin, yet contains natural and powerful ingredients to target multiple skin problems that you may be facing.

Being that Aveda is on the natural side of things, most of this ingredients are just that. Their exfoliant contains wintergreen-derived salicylic acid which targets acne, dark spots, and so much more by not only turning over skin cells but minimizing your pores, revealing a smoother texture and even tone.

My favorite part about this product isn’t just it’s generic benefits, but the unconventional ways you can use it as well.

I’m not sure if you get waxed, but if you do, you know how pesky ingrown hairs can be. This little bottle of gold can heal what’s there and prevent new ingrowns from reappearing later. A quick few pumps of this on a cotton ball dabbed where ever you’ve been serviced will ban any irritations, which is why it is a staple in my bathroom.

That, and it just shows a glowy side to my skin I haven’t seen before.


Intense Hydrating Masque

So, this masque has one main goal hydration. It is, again, good for all skin types, yet covet by those of us with dry or aging skin. What I like most about it are the many ways you can use it.

What’s the most traditional way? Like your average masque, throw it on for 10 minutes and wipe it off with a warm hand towel.

If you wanna get even better results though, there are two other ways to get even deeper product penetration.

This one may be the simplest: Leave it on overnight as a substitute for your night cream. I would suggest this method as the best way to target dry patches or even give your face added plumpness after a tiring night.

You can also massage it into your face while you shower, or even better while under a steamer. Doing it this way opens your pores and lets everything sink past your first layer of skin. Personally, I include this in my daily shower routine. I always feel and look more refreshed after I use it!

Another fun use for this product; sunburn treatment! Since this masque contains aloe, it’s the perfect summer staple to throw in the fridge and apply any time you’ve gotten to little too much sun.


Hydrating Treatment Lotion

Now although this is called a lotion, and people often ask if it’s a moisturizer, it’s not!

Don’t get me wrong, this product offers wonderful hydration, but it’s actually a toner.

Sadly, I feel like most of us don’t use toners and I never understood it’s importance until I educated myself. Luckily, now that I know, I could never go back to a regimen without it and I can pass down the knowledge to you.

Before I tell you why I love this product, I’ll tell you why using a toner is important.

They are essential to balance your skin’s PH as well as getting rid of leftover debris, minimizing your pores, and depending on the product, it can even target more specific problem areas.

When it comes to Aveda’s Hydrating Treatment Lotion, it’s purpose is in its name; hydration. So while it removes the grime left after cleansing, it goes a step further to balance the moisture level of your skin and contains humectants which attract moisture naturally from the air.

There is only one way to use this product: after cleansing and before you apply serums and moisturizers.



All three of these products work great alone, but if you are searching for optimum results, of course, you gotta use them together; EVERY DAY! (More like twice, but sometimes we just can’t find time for that.)

If you have any questions, feel free to ask, but when you snag these products off the shelf, be sure to leave a comment about how you like them!

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