{TECH} Apple Music is Rolling out Top 100 Charts in New Update

With the streaming wars only getting more heated and intense, Apple Music is gaining a lot of ground in the U.S. compared to Spotify (they now boast 50 million subscribers). After years of pushing the service forward, they are now about to implement charts based on the data from the app.

We’re sure Apple will be explaining this at the September 12 event, but in a new update today, users will be seeing 116 “Top 100” numeric charts that will display the most up-to-date streamed songs on Apple Music.

A global chart and Top 100 chart will show up for every country under the “Browse” tab, similar to what you already see through the playlists and albums.

It’ll be interesting to see how these new charts are incorporated into the industry or how much influence they will have for listeners in the long run. But with the power Apple have, we’re certain they will have a great impact for years to come.


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