Awakening: An act or moment of becoming suddenly aware of something. When was the last time you were awakened?

5 4 3 2 1….  Happy Birthday!!!! Yes, October 20th was my birthday & I feel great! I received exactly what I wanted which was to be happy. Simple request but not always the case. Last year, 30 was supposed to be a turning year for me & it was but not as I expected it to be. I looked at it as a TEST year. I ended up looking at every section of my life in a new perspective. My relationships with my friends, family & others have changed. Going into age 30, I was excited until others knew what age I was going to turn. I expected them to say, “Girl, welcome to the next bracket, 30 is the new 20, time to see life get REAL but in a good way of course! But NOPE, that’s not what I heard! I kept hearing them say, “this is when life gets hard, you probably gonna cry & you’re going to think you didn’t do much with your life, trust me, we all been there!” I was so aggravated from all the non-stop negativity as if 30 was a cursed year to dread. I honestly felt it brought a dark cloud over my year before it began. Like the bible says, ” Power of life & death is in your tongue” & boy did I feel that!

Their words came to LIFE! Ever since then, I knew 30 was going to have me on a roller coaster. It was so bad, I had to QUESTion so much & QUESTion a lot of people.  I came to realize that even when I give people the benefit of the doubt, some will find a way to let me down. Not always on purpose but still tiring after the 10th let down. Through it all I made it to my 31st year, I stayed strong, got through the chaos of 30 & that dark cloud started to fade away.

A few weeks before my birthday I went on a cruise to relax, have fun & to clear my mind. I sat on my balcony, looked at the water & my thoughts went to work. I reflected on my life, where I was & where I felt I should be. In that moment I knew it was time to take drastic measures.  I AWAKENED & realized that even though life was good, it wasn’t great as it should be. I was uncomfortable with my reality & it was time for a change. I desired to take everything to the next level and with that comes sacrifice, determination & risks! I quit my 9p to 5p, re-branded my own businesses & started packing my stuff & now moving away for a fresh new start! I felt a weight being lifted off my shoulders because I’m finally about to live my dream as a full time entertainer. No job or no one holding me back. I’m young, single, successful & ready to live my best life. Yes, some may look at me crazy but this feels right. I have a concrete plan & its already in the works. You have to believe in oneself and take a leap of faith to live out your purpose. So here I am! It may be difficult but I’m ready to take on all challenges. I know my purpose in life so I shall walk in it!

So I ask you, are you woke? Are you still dreaming? If not, what was your awakening moment? Please comment below.

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