Do it for the gram, do it for the gram, today’s society is all about the LIKES! Drop that pic, the LIKES start flowing in! Drop that track, they’ll scroll right pass. Post something ignorant, it gets all the attention. Post your business, you won’t even get a SHARE. Tell me what’s wrong with this picture?

I work hard & so proud of my own accomplishments, but let me post it on social media and it ruins everything! I can announce something amazing happened but as soon as I’m about to post a product for purchase… crickets. All the people who rooted for me to get the business started, all of a sudden is silent when it comes time to support & purchase.

I started monitoring a few of my Facebook friend’s pages to see if what I believe is true. One guy post silly memes all day long and get tons of LIKES & laughing emojis. As soon as he post something serious, supporting another business owner or post good music… his likes MAY reach 3. I ask again, what’s wrong with this picture?

One day I posted about my clothing line, new music & my radio show… a few likes, NO Shares, no customers.  Many SEE the posts, but choose to not respond. I post a meme about what’s your Wokanda name… 105 comments, 57 Likes & 17 shares. Let’s ask again, what’s wrong with this picture?

Remember my blog is about life from MY perspective & my experiences so many things may not apply to all. For certain people, social media works for them & they may have the right followers/fans & supporters/customers. For the average up & coming entrepreneur especially in the entertainment field, it’s not always the case. I constantly see posts about “Zero support” & how it makes them feel some type of way which I can understand.

So instead of ME answering these next QUESTions, I ask all of you!

  • If you are part of the group who complains about no Likes, Shares, or Support, how many times have you actually, Like, Shared or supported?
  • Are you apart of the group who are friends with entrepreneurs but rarely show up, click purchase or help promote?
  • Are you the ones who continue to say, “I see you doing your thing” “keep up the good work” “I’m proud you” “you always have my support” yet put NO action behind it!
  • Or are you the type of person who act like you don’t see anything at all especially when confronted?

Let’s talk about it! Please feel free to comment below & tell us your opinion or personal experience with this topic. I want to hear from YOU!!!

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