[Theatre] Stage Play: Memoirs of Single Mother’s

Chasing Forty Production Presents Stage Play: Memoirs of Single Mother’s!

Atlanta, Georgia get ready for one of the greatest productions of the century. A dynamic stage play that will leave you speechless. A dynamic cast that will captivate the audience.

Memoirs of Single Mother’s. Will depict the lives of 5 women. You will be taken on the journey of how they came to be ‘Single Mother’s’. The choice to become a ‘Single Parent’ was a hard pill to swallow. There comes a time in each of their lives were they have a pivotal point to walk away from situation that has become toxic.

Each story is unique. From cheating wives to rape culture inside of the play, there comes a point where they have to begin to heal. To move on. Learn to love what they see in the mirror again. During the healing process there is a therapists that will not have a pity party with them but rather help them heal. He believes that hurt people, hurt other people. In return the children get caught in the cross fire of the hurt.

In the production you will be introduced to characters that many have had to face. One in particular, experience Sexual Assault. The #MeToo Movement in particular has sparked the conversation and has gotten America talking and springing into action.

Chasing Forty Production has decided to Partner with Fearless Hope Ministries. A Non Profit Organization out of Houston, Texas. Fearless Hope Ministries, Christ Centered, is to bring hope & healing to help mend the brokenhearted. Through counseling, mentoring, seminars, biblical tools and resources.

The ministry will help clients overcome fear by empowering them to speak out about sexual abuse and to be brave about their stories.

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Creator/Writer: Tiffany Terrell
Director: Latonya Wright
Assistant Director: Shiovan Williams

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