The Quest Chronicles: How Traditional Are You?

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Thanksgiving! The late start of the meal, the long winded prayer & the tradition of going around the table telling everyone what you’re thankful for! Sounds familiar?

The holiday is officially over! Are you stuffed? Did you enjoy spending time with your loved ones? Did you have to work? Better question, you don’t have anymore leftovers right because at this point, that’s just nasty!

I’m very aware of where this holiday stems from but let’s focus on what it stands for in the present time. The first bonus as a student is that you don’t have to go to school. Time to give your brain a little break. Some  jobs depending on your position, you may have the day off with pay. Now who doesn’t love that?  Now, there were cases where people had to work on the holiday. If you were one of them, were you OK with it?

Me personally, I spent this year a little different than the norm. My best friend came by and even though my family cooked, we actually went out to an Indian restaurant & ate. We enjoy being different.  It wasn’t your average turkey, stuffing and cranberry sauce but it was quite delicious. With her being a vegetarian, the average options my family prepared wouldn’t work for her. Many people I know, wouldn’t have left all that good food but at the same time, I’m not your average person. As long as I’m fed, I’m satisfied.

As I got older and began to come into my own, my traditional values shifted to better fit my life. I love my family with all my heart but I wouldn’t be devastated if I didn’t spend a holiday with them. I was brought up in a home where a big feast usually prepared on Sundays was the norm so I never had to do a countdown to Thanksgiving in order to really DIG IN. Before I became a full time entrepreneur, I was the employee who didn’t mind working on the holidays. No, I wasn’t at a job that paid time and a half which sucks but I was good just getting paid in general. I was able to see my family before or after my shift so to me it was a win win.

One tradition, to which I still can’t fully understand is the hopping from house to house to get a plate. Who wants to spend the time driving? I’ll rather enjoy my family, eat & relax. In my mind, everyone makes the same main courses so what’s the point? Last week, I asked a friend who actually takes part in this activity to give me a better understanding. He stated that his family are not that GREAT of cooks so he likes to go to other people’s home for that GOOD GOOD! I guess it depends on your strengths and weaknesses. Just like in the summer time, everyone can’t make great potato salad so for thanksgiving, everyone can’t make that bomb macaroni & cheese, stuffing & sweet potato pie.

Shout out to my family full of cooks and chefs. I never had this issue. My friends enjoy coming to my parties over the years more for the food than anything. I give thanks to the FAM for sure!LOL

Let’s add a little LOVE or strong LIKE into this: Did anyone meet the family of their new significant other this year? How do you decide who goes where for the holiday? Your families or theirs? Anyone ever excited to spend time with their in laws? Holidays are a big deal so I’m sure there are some great stories, Please don’t hold back, we all want to know 😀

Time to wrap this up so my additional QUESTions for you are: How traditional are you? Do you still travel to see family for Thanksgiving? Are you terribly upset if you have to work on the holiday? Are you the type to hop house to house for plates? How long did your Thanksgiving leftovers stay in your fridge? Last but not least, comment a few things you are thankful for.

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  1. Now that I have bills,I actually dont mind working on Thanksgiving because of the extra pay. As long as I getbto see family and friends during the weekend, I’m content.

  2. I’m not at all traditional. Even before my mother passed, I would often do one major holiday or another. Rarely all of them. Now I don’t attend any with my biological family at all. I’ve definitely have worked the holiday, sometimes by choice. I don’t mind as long as I get a plate. I definitely don’t house hope. I don’t much care for driving and being an introvert means I don’t like being around too many folks for too long anyhow. I only grab one spare plate for the very next day and that’s it.

    I’m grateful for being comfortable in my own skin. Thankfully for my relationship with God and those who’ve become family.

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