The Quest Chronicles: The Love Bully

If I tell you I hate you or I can’t stand you then take it as a compliment because now we live in a world where bad is good & good is bad LITERALLY! If a man states that I’m BAD, that means I look good. What ever happened to just using the words that’s meant to be used?

It becomes confusing especially if you’re in a new area or talking to someone long distance. Many states have their own language that will have you puzzled. I remember talking to this guy from Chicago & he told me I was COLD. At first I was confused then slightly insulted. Usually if someone calls you cold, that means you’re cold hearted which is not a good thing at all. Me being such a nice person, I couldn’t understand why out of nowhere he kept calling me that. Instead of jumping to conclusions, I politely asked him why he kept calling me cold. Come to find out, in his area COLD actually means BAD, which means you look GOOD! OMG, I just can’t keep up! 

Don’t get me wrong in other scenarios the disrespect is real yet it’s not. I noticed some guys who like me tend to be mean to me like we’re in elementary school. The young guy bullying the girl even though he secretly likes her. Cute but how old are we? 

I hate you! I can’t stand you! You get on my nerves! Nobody likes you! Hurtful statements but all have an underlining meaning in most cases. I love you. I like you. You make me smile. I wish you were mines.

Why is it so hard to mean what you say & say what you mean? To be honest, some been hurt before so instead of showing vulnerability, it’s easier to show true feelings through insults. It feels better than to let their guard down, afraid to be hurt again. Not knowing that it might come off as a turn off. Goes back to getting to know the person you’re trying to deal with, learning their personality & language. 
I use to pick up on it & laugh it off because I knew it meant he’s into me but at the same time, it became too much. Using insults as words of endearment may be your thing but after a while, all it will do is push someone away especially in the beginning stages.

Show me that you are into me. Show me that you can say nice things or give compliments. Be an adult for once. Continue to play these silly games & I’ll start taking you as a joke. We all want love. We’ve all been hurt. We all Express ourselves differently but sometimes you have to learn others love language & hope it connects with yours! Be you but be real. Bring the wall down. The last thing you want to do is push away the person who was meant to be there in the first place. You like me…. just say it. I won’t bite! LOL

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  1. Quest you’ve been real since day 1. The realest female i know… I had this running through my mind looking for someone to love me but for me. Not because how i look or money.. And yeah We all have that blockage on our hearts mind and soul.. T Quest if i could have a chance i would love to love you like no other… The way you carry yourself as a Queen… And conversations and all… You are mind blowing a human being out of this world… I like you alot…. You are a dream a man wish they can have…

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