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I love you but I love me more! Easy to say & write but is it true? Do we show this through our actions? How much do we really love ourselves?

We all can talk but some can’t back it up. I hear a lot of people always complaining about not feeling love from others but what about self love? You have to be your biggest cheerleader & your number one fan. When was the last time you supported oneself, treated yourself, better yet,
When was the last time you made sure YOU were ok?

Someone like me is so quick to put on my cape to help the next person and constantly forgetting about ME! I can be at my shows performing or hosting, making sure everyone is eating, drinking and having a good time then go home partially dehydrated & starving. How could I forget to make sure I was taken care of before others? Ready to jump for the rest but move at a slow pace when it comes to myself. As usual, I’m only speaking for ME and my personal experiences. These are my truths.

Tell me if any of this sounds familiar. Many of you hop in your vehicle, maybe half put on their seat belts while some risk their own lives on the highway, speeding & texting while driving without a care in the world.

Let’s not forget about the ones who live on the wild side doing drugs, in the club getting drunk & regularly eating so much unhealthy food. Is this how we show love to our self? Putting our lives in dangerous as if it’s no big deal?

Yet, you always hear others trying to drill it in your head that you should do this and you should do that. People always have the answers to everyone else problems but what about your own?

Let’s find the balance in life. It’s ok to extend a hand to help others, It’s a great quality to call or visit family and friends to make sure they’re doing well, making sure the sick is taking their medicine, making sure the children are eating their fruits and vegetables to grow up healthy and strong. It’s great that you cater to your significant other, making sure their happy but remember, we all came into this world alone. We were an individual before we became a spouse, parent or friend. Don’t always put yourself on the back burner even though its easy to do. Always remember to LOVE yourself first. You deserve it!

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