1. Tell me a little bit about yourself how did you get your stage name, where are you
from, where do you reside etc? Im originally from Califor-nIA! LA to be exact but call the Bronx NY my home as of now. My stage name came from wanting to make a statement in in music

2. Why did you decide to become a DJ/ Artist/ Entertainer? Music is in my DNA.  I started writing poetry at a young age which like most turned into Singing/Songwriting I was always a creator. I started dabbling in production when I was 18  and then about 6 yrs ago I started my own online radio show and started DJing and as they say the rest is history!

3. Who and/or what motivates you? I love seeing people succeed and just being able to create. I love creating new things whether it be a business, song, beat, mix etc. Im all about seeing an idea come to life! and of course my SUN….

4. What would you say is your biggest accomplishment to date? Thats a hard one I want to say giving birth, what a journey. But if were speaking professionally I’d have to say being able to interview some my favorite artists. I never in life would I have thought I would be able to chop it up with people like Jon B, MC Eiht, Keith Sweat, Fredro Starr, BIg Gipp (Goodie Mob),

5. What projects currently working on? Im working on a few Mixtapes, Tha Boom Show, Writing for Straight and Hype Magazine,  my Behind the Grynd WebSeries and more.

6. What changes would you like to see in the music/entertainment industry? I would like to see more teamwork among people in the industry. People be more likely to hate than to show love. If we worked together more we could accomplish more than we ever imagined.

7. What makes you different from other artist? Im just me, I dont try to be anyone else

8. What crews, company’s are you apart of why did you join the Fleet Djs? I joined the Fleet DJs because I saw how they moved and I wanted to be apart of something bigger! I am also with Coast 2 Coast and Dyme Djs.

9. What other skills/talent do you have? Im a geek! lol nah but I love fixing computers and hacking shit just playing I dont hack shit but I will fix your Apple/Mac device thats my speciality.

10. What do you do in your free time? Any Hobbies? I dont have much free time but when I do I just like to have fun whether it be writing, being with my family, Taking photographs around New York City.

11. Anything else you want to add/ Any Shoutouts? your Social Media? Shoutout to those who support me, I really appreciate yall….Its sooo important to have a strong support system especially if your in this business. You can keep up with me by going to my website and following me @djniaboom on Facebook and Twitter and @msboomnyc on instagram #BoomGotYou

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