JC Live is back on the scene with the JC Live Experience that highlights upcoming artists. New season and new artists! First up the independent artist So Loyal, from Fayetteville, NC was one of the first artists of the season to sit down with JC Live for an exclusive interview.
Q: How long have you been in the rap game and what made you decide on this path?
A: I’ve been rapping almost four years now. My homie Bird is the reason I started. I’ve always written poetry as a kid which I used as an advantage to talk to girls, I just never recorded a song. I started hanging out at a friends studio and brought a beat for bird, the song was dope so I had to write a verse to It. The song got played at an after hour spot, a club owner heard the song and asked us to perform at his club. The rest is history, I’ve been in love ever since.
Q: How has the music game changed in the last 3 years for you? Good or bad
A: Change has been a blessing. Since I started doing music it’s open plenty of doors for me in many ways. I’ve gotten the opportunity to travel the world. Before music, I barely left North Carolina. I’ve met many different people. Some people I’ve worked with have been very motivating, they showed me things I could only dream of. I use to be in the city with my homeboys, now I’m on the road building with some of the biggest in the game!
Q; What events or performances do you have coming up?
A: As of right now we don’t have any shows. Right now we’re just focusing on a few projects that we have coming up. We have a song plus visual coming out with a known Atlanta artist Euro Gotti And Boosie Artist OG Dre. Plus a major promo for the projects we’re dropping. We’re going hard on the promo billboards in our city! Our ads are In movie theaters, radio ads, ads on buses, and street teams. I also just opened a studio. I’m getting that together and making it the number one recording spot in Fayetteville, along with helping other artists build their brand.
Q: What is more important these days streaming numbers or social media followers?
A: Streams. Streams get you paid not followers. You can have a million followers and no streams which wouldn’t benefit you. Fans and followers are different. Followers are there to watch when fans support and stream your music which gets you paid. Now, if you’re in it just to be known then followers are good.. but I don’t want the fame, I want the money.
Q: What advice would you like to give to upcoming rappers?
A: Save your money up! It’s the rap business and every business needs investments. Either you invest in yourself or find an investor. There’s no way around the financial side of this game. Major labels spend millions on their artists so there’s no way you can get by with washing someone’s hand. Other than that, perfect your craft in every way. From making songs to performing the song. You gotta work on your image and building personal relationships.
Q: If you had the option to get signed or stay independent which one would you chose?
A: I would definitely stay independent. I’d partner with a major label but I wouldn’t sign to one, not unless I’m able to keep my master and my creative abilities.l want to be free to do whatever I want and be able to sign other deals without voiding my contract.
Q: Who inspires you?
A: Not just one person inspires me. Anybody that’s on their grind making moves, taking care of their family. I respect that. That inspires me, but I’m my biggest inspiration. I just love to grind and the way I make things happen only motivates me to do more.
Q: How do you feel about the state of hip hop at the moment?
A: It’s definitely different from when I grew up, but that’s life. Especially with social media. Its easier to connect with people and stay up with what’s going on. But I feel the state of hip hop is changing with generations as it always has. But one that’ll never change is a classic hit.
Q: Have any shout outs?
A: Of course! I wanna salute all the stand-up cats, men, and women. The ones who keep it real and hold it down no matter the situation, they never switch up. S/o to my family, my support, my fans, and everyone who helped me build myself and my career up. Major salute Jc Live, Dj Ruckus, Dj G Moniy, Jane and the whole Foxy Family! Plus the whole 104.5 family as well. The biggest s/o goes to God and my city, Fayetteville NC. Oh yeah can’t forget her if I wanted to, lady love miss Lala
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