Only 12 years old, King Jaden is killing the music scene in Fayetteville and surrounding cities, with his high energy performances and charm-like swagg. Already getting praises from artists including Rain910 and Dj E.Sudd, this young King is on his way to becoming one of the most prominent artists out of 2-6 (Fayetteville). Juggling a music career, performances,  school and being a kid, King Jaden sits down with radio personality JC Live for the JC Live Experience podcast.

 What made you want to get into the music business?
My uncle was a rapper I’ve been playing around and one day I was like I wanna to go with u to my uncle he was going to the Studio so my mom said if I want to go I can so I’m here now

What artists inspire you?
Dababy Lecrae fetty wap

Being how young you are, what are some things you learned about the music industry so far?

Never give up and people going hate and hard work pays off a lot

What projects are you working on or what projects you have coming up in the future?
My mixtape will drop in 3 months I got a song with boosie son tootie raw it’s lit

What artists do you want to collaborate with? Fetty Wap, Lecrae

How do you manage to balance school and your music career?
School is 1st then my rap career. My mom always tells me if my grades drop I have to stop rapping

What videos and songs do you currently have out so far?

The two I’m pushing are ‘Mama fussing” and “No hands” and both videos are out on my YouTube therealkingjaden.

What are some things you want people to know about you?

I’m the hottest kid in the Carolinas and I’m just a regular kid.

What advice is the best advice someone has given you about being in the music game?

Tim boss he told me to never give up and Chase my dreams.

Have any upcoming media/radio tours?
Not at the moment but when my mixtape drop we are planning a media run for that.

What is your social media and links where people can download your music? 

Instagram: Therealkingjaden
Soundcloud: Therealkingjaden

Have any shout outs?
My mom, my step dad, my uncle, AB, so loyal910 , Tipsy Twist, and Que.. Everyone who has working and supported me.


You can reach JC Live on IG at JClive99

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