I can not tell you how many times a day my playlist plays Prezi “Do Better Remix” featuring Philthy Rich, Mozzy and OMB Peezy. This song has to be one of my favorite songs and for good reason, the collaboration of artists is spot on. It was surprising to me to find out that Philthy Rich and Mozzy had beef. I remember the moment I first heard each one for the first time.  I was on a video shoot with Philthy Rich in 2010 for the song “Let The Money Talk” which was shot in Denver with artists Young Doe, Innastate Ike and Freeway Ricky. The first time I heard Filthy Rich I was actually watching him spit lyrics onset in Park Hill. The first time I heard Mozzy was three years ago with “Beautiful Struggle” which I instantly fell in love with. His off the hook lyrics and witty verses had me hooked right away and I have been a fan of almost every song since.

The beef between the two artist has fans all over social media and as I scrolled through Facebook today I noticed so many people debating between the two artists. Oddly enough I had a hard time finding anyone who did not choose a side while also sending a respect shot out to the other artist. As I went through the comments on my friend Rocca Solo’s page I realized how many posts said they like both artists. I feel like if you are a Mozzy fan you are most likely also a Philthy Rich fan and vise versa.

The debate came about after Mozzy signed Philthy Rich’s rival enemy Messy Marv. Philthy took to the mic recording his single to Mozzy entitled “Don’t Forget” where he expresses he was the man who put Mozzy on and how he feels stabbed in the back. I feel like Philthy’s single is one of the most clear and mature dis-tracks I have ever heard. He clearly states his issues direct and to the point. Mozzy took no time responding with his track ” Chill Phillpe” which I could not help but giggle at the funny title.  This dis was impossible for me to not rock my head to. His beat and lyrics are fire. Its clear to see on both tracks how talent both artists are and the feud has fans upset as most fans are true fans of both artists. Hopefully the beef can end and the artists can “Do Better” again.

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Dahlia Koca

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Dahlia Koca is an artist of many talents. She is a model, radio host, journalist, author, business owner and mommy.

Dahlia started modeling in 2008 when she won the crown of Miss Colorado. She then became a published model in serval magazines including Playboys Miss Social. She is currently working as a Fleet Dj Model. She does runways and is also a Video Vixen who goes by the name “Lovely the Vixen”.

Dahlia attended Dj school in Negril Jamiaca which later led to her hosting her own radio shows entitled “Gritt House” and “Lit Tea Drip” which air on several different radio shows.

Dahlia became a publish magazine writer at the age of 10 and has been writing ever since. She is currently a hip hop journalist of the column “Gritt House” on Straight Official Mag, the writer of the “Lit Tea Drip” Blog and is also the writer of “10 Min Move” in Krush Magazine. Dahlia was promoted to executive director of Krush Magazine last year.

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Dahlia is a business owner of the Koca Promotional Corp. which promotes major artists as well as upcoming artists in the hip hop industry.

Dahlia is also a mommy who lives in the countryside on the outskirts of Denver Colorado. She is a widow who enjoys raising her children and spoiling her cat. Her children and her have a love for traveling the world to find new hiking trails. They call themselves “The Wonderlust Family”

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