If you don’t know who Einer Bankz is then you need to get familiar. The crazy talented ukulele player and producer is from San Francisco the Bay Area  and is known for his videos featuring major artists free-styling while he plays the ukulele .  I am always extremely excited whenever he posts something new and  I was especially excited to see that his new video features the one and only YG. The duo goes hard in the video and it sounds amazing. Makes sure to check out all of his videos on his Instagram @einerbankz . He gives the hip hop industry a unique flare and I am loving it!

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Lovely Vixen

The author Lovely Vixen

The writer Lovely Vixen is a Fleet Dj Model & Pro Dancer owning dance studios in Denver Colorado. She is also a radio show host for “The Toast” on Straight Official Radio & for “MCW” on 2Fli Radio. She interviews artists for “Diamond Dollz Talk” on Fleet Tv and also enjoys her roles as a Video Vixen in Hip Hop videos.

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