Kevin Gates and BezzBelieve have hit the studio to record another hit song.  The two artists made hit songs such as “Disappear” and ” Fade Away” back in 2016 when BezzBelieve was signed to BWA.  Unfortunate circumstanced caused the business relationship to end when Kevin Gates was incarcerated for several years. BezzBelieve moved forward and created his own brand Hussle God and continued making hits while Kevin was away. As soon Kevin Gates was released he was busy in the studio making hit after hit. Kevin Gates quickly rose on top of the rap game once again. To my excitement BWA and Hussle God have come together to make a new hit single entitled “Mouth Full of Diamonds”.  Make sure you are on the lookout for the new release that is coming soon it is sure to be unstoppable as the two make a great hits together.

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Dahlia Koca

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