Joyner Lucas Releases “Devils Work” Sending a Very Deep Message

I have to admit that Joyner Lucas has released a song that really hit home for me. Several years ago my husband died. We had grown up together since age 12 and were inseparable . He was a very good man. Unfortunately I watched him pass away slowly and painfully from cancer. I later ended up in a abusive relationship and as much is I do not want to admit it I was angry. I felt god had taken such a good man and I was left with nothing but a sea of bad people. I had to ask god why? I think this is a question most people in this world ask. Joyner Lucas has no problem addressing the issue publicly in his new song “Devils Work”.  He actually asks god to take certain celebrities and bring back others. As controversial as the song may be I feel like it address a lot of thoughts that people have, but are to afraid to admit. I think these feelings are very common among those who are mourning. I love how Joyner Lucas makes music with such deep thoughts and real messages. He always leaves me amazed and his music videos always capture the audience as if watching a complete movie. He has captured this yet again. Be sure to check it out.

Lovely Vixen

The author Lovely Vixen

The writer Lovely Vixen is a Fleet Dj Model & Pro Dancer owning dance studios in Denver Colorado. She is also a radio show host for “The Toast” on Straight Official Radio & for “MCW” on 2Fli Radio. She interviews artists for “Diamond Dollz Talk” on Fleet Tv and also enjoys her roles as a Video Vixen in Hip Hop videos.

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