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What do you want? Chicken or Fish? Stay in or go out? Make love or rough sex? Single or Taken has even been a complicated QUESTion! Sometimes you have to look in the mirror and ask, who am I, what do I like, what turns me on, what I do want, what do I need, better yet, what do I deserve?

To a certain extent like Lauren Hill said ” It can all be so simple, but you’ll rather make it hard.” Life ain’t easy but it doesn’t has to have so many complications if we take control the proper way. So many single individuals are always searching for that one but barely know and understand self. If someone is to ask you personal questions and on average your answers are “I don’t know, I’m not sure, never even thought about it, there’s a problem. How can someone get to fully know you if you don’t even know yourself? How can you jump into a new relationship without fully closing the chapter on the last one?  How can you try to find a doctor to heal your hurt if you can’t explain the symptoms and pain?

When is comes to business, many want to be entrepreneurs but don’t even know the basics. “I want to be a boss” but do you even know how to lead? “I want to own a business” but have you even written out a blueprint or business plan? Do you have the proper funds or enough knowledge to even get it off the ground? These are questions we need to think about.

Yes, we live in a society that is very fast pace especially in the world of technology but everyone can’t keep up.  When was the last time you sat down, turn off all devices & did some self reflecting? Do you even know yourself? You say you want a relationship but are you ready for one? If you’re in a relationship, are you giving it your all & or are you putting yourself on the back burner?

As for myself, I’m tied into so much as far as business, music & personal life that I didn’t realize things weren’t progressing the way I hoped. So what did I do, I stopped everything & did a reset on life. I had a hard self reflecting and was honest enough to recognize the issues and started to work on a way to fix them. We have one life so I desired to make the best of it. So if it takes me not going out or not dating to figuring out ME, my finances, goals & life all together then so be it. I owe it to mySELF!

To wrap this up, I just want you to look at where you’re at, where you’re trying to go & sacrifice some time to rewrite a plan so you can start living the life you want, desire & need. I say all this because I care. I want to see everyone exceed.

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