Straight Official Invades Ravinia Fest 2019 TI Concert

Executive Decision’s W/ Trey Gee gained access to bring you Straight Ofiicial lovers Coverage. I can say it was phenomenal it was amazing to see THE KING T.I. put on amazing show. Even though the weather was crazy and I was rained on , it was every bit of worth it. Real T.I. fans were there and they still had a blast in the rain. Ravinia Pavilion is an outdoor venue mostly all your favorite entertainers have put on amazing concerts at the beautiful venue. Trey Gee had to share with you guys about this concert THE INTRO was so hot he enter the stage off his 2006 LP “KING” Intro, then from there he performed all of his classics. The fans went crazy everybody were out they chairs rapping along with The King. I can say he knows how to capture the crowd and the importance of it all give your fans what they paid for.  Straight Official was definitely there that treat.



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