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Jay-z and NFL ink a deal!

The Goat is at it again!  It’s always business and never personal when Sean Carter puts his name on the dotted line.  It was announced that Jay would be a consultant for the music and social reform platform the NFL has decided to launch.  Many people are speculating that the deal has a lot to do with the recent black eye that the NFL has gained from the fallout with Colin Kaepernick.

The largest televised US sport was once rejected by the artist when they approached him to perform during the Super Bowl halftime show.  Jay even spit a bar mentioning how they needed him and not the other way around.  It appears as if the new black billionaire was 100 percent correct and will now work to bridge the gap between social injustice and the public perception of NFL players who protest.

A few people may find this deal to be hypocritical as Jay has been on a social justice tear for the black community.  Most would would probably agree that this is another smart business move and that Jay has something up his sleeve.  The world will be on standby as this new collaboration develops.

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