Precious Stansberry aka “The One and Only Baroness” is based in NC. She’s the proud mother of 3 children. As the CEO of Baroness Promotions and Entertainment she provides artist mgmt, development, promo, marketing etc. She’s also a club promoter, host, public figure as well and has worked with major artists such as Kevin Lyttle, Baby Cham, Elephant man to name a few and Talent Scouts in various locations. Also she’s the CEO of Baroness Boutique where she provides all the latest fashions for men, women and children. She also owns a travel business called Baroness Vacations, specializing in all types of travel needs. Precious Stansberry is proud to be a part of the Fleet Family. #SOM via @djmizzofficial
Here are my links to follow Ms. Stansberry.
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Baroness Promotions and Entertainment/Baroness Boutique/ FB
Baroness Vacations/FB
Baroness Boutique 2019/IG
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  1. Precious is an awesome and amazing person! She’s great at what she does and her product is bomb! It seems as though everything she touches turns to gold.

  2. Precious is by far one of the
    most hardest working, motivating, determined person’s I know. If I had to put a time limit on how long I’ve known her, it wouldn’t be Moses and the 10 Commandments but to the point where Moses said “hmmmm, what shall my 1st commandment be”. And how I’ve described her, she’s been that way ever since. Precious has more drive than a brand new car.

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