The vicariously series are true factual accounts of sexual encounters I’ve had with artists, professional athletes, public figures etc… Names are changed and small details are changed to protect the celebrities identity. These accounts are in no particular order of each other and span over years. This blog is in no way intended to expose famous people but is intended to allow people who want to live my lifestyle but can’t bring themselves to actually do it. They can live through me and my stories, Vicariously❤️ I have grown to care and enjoyed every moment with every man in my memoirs.

There is something about being in the front row at a artist’s show as he stares down at you and your looking up at him. Mr. So Strong was one of my first major artists, before I became the Vixen I am today, I had came to his show dying to hear every song innocently with no intention. As the show went on I couldn’t help but feel the Vixen coming out every time he was on stage looking down on me. My mind started to wonder what this man felt like. Everything about him was on point somehow even his simple white t-shirt looked more than that just because it was on him, For a moment I felt like Ally McBeal with daydream thoughts of me starring up at him in his hotel room, but my thoughts got interrupted as I realized the show was over.

I quickly walked to my car. It was freezing outside and I could see my breath on the night air as I got in my car. I set in the car waiting for the heat to start filling the air and I set there with my teeth chattering and I started to think about Mr. So strong again. I got my phone out and looked up his instagram. I started typing messages to his DM. I would write a sentence and then erase it unsure what to say. Finally I typed out “ leaving your show, come get the (kitty cat emoji)” I hit send as fast as I could before I could change my mind. I didn’t figure I would get a response after all he had millions of followers and this was the first time I had ever wrote something like that in someone’s inbox. After writing the message I drove home, hopped in bed and fell asleep not really giving what I had done much thought.

As I poured my coffee the next morning I picked up my phone to check it and as I looked at my lock screen, sure enough there was a message from Mr. So Strong. It said “next time babe”. I had to look at it a few times just to make sure I wasn’t mistaken but I wasn’t  and sure enough I had a whole year to wait before he would be on tour in Denver again.

I smiled with butterflies in my stomach as I read “ Yep! I’m here” he was finally here after a year. All the talk we had about what we wanted to do to each other was finally here and I was kind of nervous. We made plans for me to go to the show first after all I wouldn’t want to miss his performance. Unfortunately I ended up having to take a friend home and missed the last portion of the show, which led to me being ignored all night with no response from Mr. So Strong. I finally went home and once again fell asleep without him and disappointed.

It was 5:30am when my phone started buzzing with his messages. He called me “wacc” and we argued back and forth for awhile on the events that happened the night before. I have to admit the arguing was turning me on and I finally got in my car to drive to his hotel when he sent the address and told me to hurry and come now. He had hardly slept and he said he had to leave in a few hours to catch a plane to his next city. As I arrived at the hotel one of the members off his tour bus escorted me up the elevator to his room. He had a lot of security, more than I had ever seen. I knocked on the door and took a deep breath as he opened it and waved me inside.

He had a ginormous bed in his hotel and as I walked around it I noticed he was way bigger than I had noticed. He literally took up the entire bed. I set next to him on the bed and he smelt so good and still had his towel wrapped around him from showering.  “We have 40 min left before I have to leave for my flight, take your clothes off” he said as he took his towel off and got comfortable in the bed watching me Take my clothes off. I crawled across the bed toward his dick wondering how he got as hard as he was in the matter of two seconds. Before I could get my mouth on him I felt his fingers slide up my leg, over my ass and inside me. I stopped dead in my tracks as his fingers felt so good I could hardly move. He stopped after a second saying “ damn! Your shit so wet” he repositioned himself so he could play with me more at a better angle. I put my mouth on him satisfied at the fact that I could match his rock hard dick with a pussy that was crazy wet. I could tell how well I was doing sucking him by how he was going in on me with his fingers. He just kept saying “ damn that pussy so wet, fuck!”. I stopped and crawled toward is face staring in his eyes as his fingers slowly slid out of me. He smiled and set up putting his back against the head board and picked me up. He was so strong it was intimidating and he lifted me up putting me on his dick as if I only weighted as much as a feather. He had each one of his hands on each one of my ass cheeks and slammed me on him over and over as I twerked on his dick. He felt so good as I was leaning on his chest and I could feel how strong he was. I couldn’t explain it but he was stronger than any man I had ever felt. It was a huge turn on as he whispered in my ear “ fuck you wet girl”. He enjoyed me riding him for awhile and then picked me up again as if I weighed nothing and he put me in a bent over position. I could feel him gripping my hip ready to put it in me but instead he just held me in that position as he asked that same question I hear from every artist “ how long did you wait for me.” I looked back at him and smiled  “ a year”  I said. He grinned and  said “ ya a whole year girl?” I screamed “ a whole year daddy” as he started pounding me.  I could see the famous artist melt away as he became that hood guy from the streets who was putting in work on me from the back like crazy and at that moment I liked him so much better than the famous artist. It hurt but felt just as good at the same time and I could feel his hand digging into my hip while I felt my wetness dripping down my legs as he gave me the last few pounds and he finished.

After he finished he fell back in the bed and threw the blanket over his face saying “ fuck!” I crawled over to him and pulled the blanket from over from his face asking “ you all good.” He smiled put the cover over his face again as he said “ your pussy was sooooo wet, fuck!!!” there was a knock at the door and his team was telling him it was time to go. Surely they had just listened to the entire thing I thought but just giggled to myself,  I smiled and got myself together as he slept. I know he was so tired and had to leave on his flight in minutes. I kissed his cheek goodbye and he said “ I’ll be back” I left the room doing the walk of shame past his security and then walked across the parking lot to my car as everyone from the tour bus watched. I knew I looked like I had been mauled by a wild animal because I had been and I couldn’t wait till his next tour in Denver. My Mr. So Strong…



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Dahlia Koca

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Dahlia Koca is a Hip Hop Journalist out of Denver. She started writing as a young child and became a published writer by age 10. Her love for hip hop growing up pushed her into Dj school in Negril Jamaica. She is now the host of the show “The Toast” on Straight Official Radio. Her Turkish ethnicity helped her into the world of modeling as well and she is now a Fleet Dj Model doing runway, print and is also a Video Vixen known by the name LovelytheVixen. Dahlia Koca has mixed all of her talents of writing, music knowledge, modeling and has become a cutting edge hip hop journalist for several magazines.

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