[box_dark]What is your name[/box_dark]
Young Quote

[box_dark]Where u from[/box_dark]
Raleigh NC

[box_dark]How did u start rapping[/box_dark]
In the lunchroom. I thought all rappers were fake hah. Wanted to spit dat visual ish, that Southern Nas type ish. My homie JC da Bizzness put me on wax and it’s been snap mode ever since.

[box_dark]who inspired u to rap[/box_dark]
I’d have to say Project Pat and the rest of Hypnotized Minds; the beats were always dope and it depicted my life at that time so I could relate

[box_dark]Who are some artist u want to work with[/box_dark]
Man, so many! I’d have to say Mook Boy, P.I. Bang, AALife, Michael Shelly, LA Barnes, Michael Stokes, Caskey, Project Pat, Juicy J, Rick Ross… anyone how is as hard working and passionate about music as I am

[box_dark]When u listen to beats how do u pick your tracks[/box_dark]
If I have a scrunch face working, like something smells bad… IT”S ON! Haha. If I’m able to start rapping something dope and gets me hype, I know I have a winner

[box_dark]u bring from south how do u feel about the south control the music game right now[/box_dark]
I’m a southern boy myself so I love it! I know I’m ready. The south has been doing there thing from Three 6 Mafia to Outkast and Pastor Troy to Trick Daddy Dollars. Now the whole world sees us shining

[box_dark]what project’s are u working[/box_dark]
Be on the lookout for my 2nd mix-tape titled “VoiceBox of the Block 2.0.” If you haven’t downloaded “VoiceBox of the Block” on for free yet, do so after this interview. Also, my dog Kikkoman has his mix-tape dropping soon…. might have a Young Quote appearance on there as well. I have some features in the talks right now… Nothing concrete but keep your ears to the streets cuz they’ll be talking

[box_dark]What’s next for u[/box_dark]
More Juice, more hype shows, and more quality music. I get to record at Plush studios and have my music mixed by Phanum (Lew Weinberg) and beats by Uncle Mike of Phanum Music Group

[box_dark]What would u tell somebody about the music biz that’s trying to get in it[/box_dark]
Man, just grind. Do stop something you love because it’s hard. Wake up everyday, look in the mirror, and say “How are you going to get better today?”

[box_dark]Let the world know the crazy thing a fan has done to u or for u[/box_dark]
No crazy stories yet. Hit me back in a year and I’m sure I’ll have one haha

[box_dark]we going to close this interview like this . give shout outs and whatever u want the world to know about u[/box_dark]
S/O Uncle Mike and Phanum of Phanum Music Group, Plush Studios, My City Monday’s at The Haven and all the hard working folk involved like K-Mo, Dj Wired, and Rebel Black, AALife, Haiti da Truth, Young Sipp, and all the grinders out there in search of their Jreams, Keep Jreamcoastin!

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