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The capital city of Indiana is heralded for spectacles in racing and legends on the hardwood and gridiron, but when it comes to Hip-Hop, Indy has lived up to it’s nickname of being a nap town in regards to being slept on as a region for talent. As a former independent artist and lifetime resident of Indy, I can attest to the abundance of talent that runs rampant here as well as the plethora of pitfalls that await an artist seeking the spotlight in the genre.

From Left: Jay Brookins, Oreo Jones, DJ Indiana Jones (photo cred.

Through the collective visioning of Oreo Jones and Jay Brookins, they created Chreece with the intent to alter the landscape of arts & entertainment in Indy with an all-day festival committed to the lifestyle and culture of Hip-Hop. It would serve as a platform for native artists here who for years could only be heard by either word of mouth or by association. They felt it was time that the Circle City was recognized as a region in the Midwest with the potential to be the next mecca in the movement.

Chreece Line-up 2019 (photo cred. Chreece FB page)

Held in Fountain Square, located just south of downtown Indianapolis, this area was once seen as an eyesore, complete with run down buildings and illicit drug use. The present day Fountain Square exists due to the influence of Chreece as over time, several businesses in the area now thrive due to converting their establishments to include a stage for artists to perform live. Eight venues in all house the annual event with all aspects of Hip-Hop on full display. 

This year the event featured over 70 acts including two dance battles and performances from Griselda Records, Sadat X and headliner Talib Kweli. As a Hip-Hop head, it was sensory overload in terms of trying to figure out how could I see Kweli perform but also catch my favorite Naptown emcees.

Fountain Square Theater packed to capacity for Talib Kweli (photo cred. Chreece FB page)

Chreece also featured original compositions from both DJ’s and producers that filled the ears of all present on Fountain Plaza. With it’s growing list of sponsorship and backing from the city, it’s no secret that there’s more than corn in Indiana and the stock of Hip-Hop here is rising to unbelievable heights.

For more information on Chreece and to see the sights of this year’s event, please visit their website and follow Chreece on social media:

Facebook: Chreece

IG: @chreeceaf

Twitter: @chreeceaf

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