Yung Blak Executives Media Group LLC.™ Recording Artist Mikeyo released a new hot single My N***AS My Family. I think it will be the new anthem soon. Everybody can relate to it, and the way this artist deliver on the verse its very saucey. I had this song on repeat for a whole week and still playing it to this day, it made me request to hear the acapella version and the vocals are crisp. Songs like this shows the versatility of the artist. Mikeyo is an artist that’s going to bring a lot of different types of styles to the industry and can possibly be the one force Chicago more in the industry. I’m hearing that Mikeyo has songs in the vault that will be released soon. There was show he performed at club Structure in Dalton IL,  after his performance the host ask to run it back and to let him perform again. I give it a year and he will have a solid project and a solid fan base…..



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